WAXGOAT316 Mauvet Mauve/Putrid Marsh (Swe/USA) - Split - LP

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  • WAXGOAT316 Mauvet Mauve/Putrid Marsh (Swe/USA) - Split - LP

Release announcement for batch May 2023, #16

*due to some family health emergency, I have no choice but to push the whole batch back for one week, the release date is now 4th of June, though this is still considered as May batch. In the mean while, there are few more exciting titles to announce*

WAXGOAT316 Putrid Marsh/Mauvet Mauve (USA/SWE) - Insects Burrowed Within a Rotten Skeleton/Mauvet Mauve - LP

Saturated in the ichor of the ignoble and inglorious, steeped in the succour of the ossuary omens, rises forth from primordial ooze those conspiratorial ghouls known only as Mauvet Mauve @brugmanziah and Putrid Marsh @reclusivegoblin Neither of these foetid phantoms require any introduction, Mauvet Mauve being the experimental chiptune masterwork of Magnus Eriksson, infamous for his work with Wulkanaz and Wagner Ödegård, Putrid Marsh being the dungeon wyrd swamp synth of The Reclusive Goblin, infamous for its work with Warped Skull and Oozing Tunnel. Both of these wicked scions have been championed by the iron hand of GoatowaRex over the ages, whom is now proud to announce the release of this split incantation for the first time through premium vinyl package expression.

Mauvet Mauve/Insects Burrowed Within a Rotten Skeleton delivers as its namesake vows to undertake—a mind warping hypnosis of crawling dungeon synth polluted by wyrd awakenings of avant garde augury. The first half of the split is taken by Mauvet Mauve whose sounds preach a harsh chiptune mania of ferric haunting; digital adventures caught in perpetual loop of gnawing oratory rasps and scathing depression. The second half of the spilt is taken by Putrid Marsh who here works one of its most nightmarish of soundscape visions to date, warped vocals brought to ambient dissonance, as leering synth passages drain the colour from emotion, leaving spirits drawn grey into the spiralling ribcage of insectoid insemination. A union of analogue dreamscapes, Mauvet Mauve/Insects Burrowed Within a Rotten Skeleton is a conspiracy made to diseased perfection, each conspirator complementing their own sounds in frightful tandem.

Description text by @neheroth