WAXGOAT257 Utzalu (Usa) - The Grobian Fall - LP

  • WAXGOAT257 Utzalu (Usa) - The Grobian Fall - LP

WAXGOAT257 Utzalu (Usa) - The Grobian Fall - LP

Revelling in the rupturing bile of incest writh Utzalu, an American black metal barbarity inspired by the naturalist hands of Émile Zola and their own haunted self-mutilated hallucinations. Brought into existence in the age of 2015, Utzalu is led by R. the infamous ringleader of Vrasubatlat circle, this new Utzalu creating their last incantation in the age of 2020, The Grobian Fall, which is their most vulgar work of patron saint desecration to date.

Splattered with the sickly seed of the fool and wrought upon the vulgarities of the glutton, The Grobian Fall is a descent into black metal madness and lewd despair, one steeped in pulsating percussion and power chord penetration. The Grobian Fall spits in the faces of decency, voiding bowels of drunken rage with each bolster of colossal bass rhythmics and rasping howl vomit, drawing direct black punk putridity with rusted knives. With each spell as filthy and infectious of disease as the last, The Grobian Fall is a writhing delight in degradation, stripped down and dirty, leaving the vagaries and deceptions of good taste at the brothel door. The legs of damnation opening ever wider…

This is VT-XXVI.

Available on single pocket Japanese style tip-on jacket with OBI, cover artwork by Haasiophis of Antediluvian.

Description text by @neheroth