WAXGOAT243 Altered Heresy/Spider God (Bel/Uk) - Altered Heresy/Spider God - LP

  • WAXGOAT243 Altered Heresy/Spider God (Bel/Uk) - Altered Heresy/Spider God - LP

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WAXGOAT243 Altered Heresy/Spider God (Bel/Uk) - Split - LP

Crawling with octet limb luminance through the blasphemous treacheries of the immortal occultist, rises that twin edifice of superlative sanctity, known by dual heralds of Altered Heresy (Belgium) and Spider God (UK). @s.p.i.d.e.r.g.o.d

Whispered beneath the gardens of the moon, Altered Heresy and Spider God have unchained a hidden evil thought forgotten in the depths of funerary mound below, spells of raw black metal rising this vileness to the fore of mortal perception once again.

Altered Heresy’s opening half is a foul festival of snarling inferno tempo and infectious tremolo melodies, that both seek to slaughter and hymn to hypnotise—bludgeoning brutality in its trinity of primal bestiality.

Spider God’s closing half is no less the possessing and features the entity's trademark virtuosity regarding varied composition and prodigal melodic malice wield, a better be described as band’s self styled ‘hyper melodic black metal’. I must say, their second track, ‘Devil's Propaganda’, is one of my favorite of this entire batch.

Available on head to toe purple vinyl (with very fitting layout), and limited crystal clear vinyl.