WAXGOAT225 Lost Horizon (USA) - Medieval Might and Destiny  - LP

  • WAXGOAT225 Lost Horizon (USA) - Medieval Might and Destiny  - LP

90's style majestic and atmospheric dungeon synth, noble Japanese style tip-on gatefold jacket, with OBI. All copies on black vinyl.


Wreathed from the flight fog of the glorious gryphon, rides forth an American dungeon synth sorcery known only by the arch-herald of Lost Horizons. Risen from the fantasy ichor in the age of 2020, Lost Horizons is the synth ensorcelled spellcraft of R.P., infamous for his work with the might black metal entity Valac. Here, with Lost Horizons, R.P. has collated all of his dungeon synth spells into one compilation of dungeoneering adventure, even providing spells that have never been released until now. Aloft with the glorious reverie that is Medieval Might and Destiny, R.P. here provides a host of solemn infectious synth melodies, melancholic middle age atmospherics, orthodox dungeon dirge composition and an overall experience of resplendent evocation. Any acolytes hungering for a truly ancient call of dungeon synth sorcery, need scry their fresh animal entrails no longer, for the Lost Horizons come to the fore, brimming with funereal fantasy and earnest eerie.