SDLXXX Lamp of Murmuur/Ebony Pendant (US/US) - Plenilunar Requiems - CD

  • SDLXXX Lamp of Murmuur/Ebony Pendant (US/US) - Plenilunar Requiems - CD

In sweep of raven twin wings of darkness, sanguine eyes blazing red with the lust for mortal flesh, looms down from storm fist clouds are the vampiric spirits known only by blood heralds of Lambs of Murmuur and Ebony Pendant. Both creatures of the night need no introduction to acolytes, as each has cast a ruinous legend of melodic raw black majesty since their crusades against the ephemeral world of mortals began only a few ages past. Now, beneath the bale of the crimson chaos crescent moon, have do these two entires align themselves with the iron fangs of GoatowaRex cloak cult to bring acolytes a split incantation of murderous mastery, this upon digital disk of shimmering sorcery.

Plenilunar Requiems is a romantic black metal duel of invigorating inferno. Both Lamp of Murmuur and Ebony Pendant provide a trinity of spells each for this split incantation, two of the blackest night, and on each of sombre piano, creating a wonderful duality of sound. Lamp of Murmuur unleashes its most melodic and inviting work yet to date, a blazing conflgaration of tremolo melodics that leave no mind unpossessed; which dance in perfection to those of Ebony Pendant, who bolsters the incantation with its most potent spells yet, these wreathed in a urgent melody all of their own, the production as reflective as polished silver. A deadly deed of infectious sorcery, those who are acolytes to either entity, should waste no time in securing this meeting of majesty for themselves.

Available on jewel case CD now, gatefold LP edition later.

Nocturnal vengeance upon those of perished moonlight flesh.

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