Gloomhammer - Issue 3 - Zine

  • Gloomhammer - Issue 3 - Zine

Forged deep within the cold depths of the Celestial Inkwell, its shadow of malice ensuring fear and servitude of its ink imp servitors, the madness of its eldritch power wielded by cold denizens from within the Sphere of Gloom, GLOOMHAMMER, is a black metal tome of sublime ruin. Combining the alchemical process of putrscenant prose, the inquisitions of black metal entities and weird fantasy horror fiction, GLOOMHAMMER crushes those that weep at its words with each turn of the page. Each swing of the hammer upon limbs of iron and minds of gloom.

The third fall of GLOOMHAMMER contains reviews and interviews with: Inferno Requiem, Grollfried, Ebony Pendant, GoatowaRex, Occulted Death Stance, Baphomancia, Blutdurst, Black Candle Wax, Putrid Marsh, Ritual Inscription, Solemn Imagist, Midlund, Graancirkel & Droll Meadow

This issue’s Tale of Gloomar, Dirt Womb, has been illustrated by the Mead of Dreams, Droll Meadow.

Professionally printed, A5, 84 pages. Includes A5 poster and various arcane supplements.


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