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WAXGOAT172_V2 Maquahuitl(Usa) - At The Altar Of Mictlampa - GOLD LP

  • WAXGOAT172_V2 Maquahuitl(Usa) - At The Altar Of Mictlampa - GOLD LP

Bidden by He Who Lowers His Head, Mictlāntēcutli, and rising forth from the Anguish and the Eternal Rest of the Mictlān, comes that weapon of obsidian teeth known only by herald of Maquahuitl. A decade of blood to soak the lands of Aztec emperors, Maquahuitl has been ensorcelling and reinforcing its ancient black metal spellcraft with each incantation of sanguine supremacy bled upon the earth, of which its latest full-length incarnation has drowned the earth clean. In war pact and blood oath to the iron quauholōlli of GoatowaRex sun sacrifice ziggurat, does this ichor stained incantation come once again to acolytes, but this time in the gilded splendour of gold wax upon treasure of vinyl.

At The Altar Of Mictlampa is an excursion into the dark heart of the Aztlán, one that whisks away those acolytes to experience it to the roar of the rivers, the clash of the mountains, and the deepest folds of the underworld. A riveting collection of infectious tremolo melodies, ambient Aztec folk instrumentation, head pounding drum destruction, shaman howl vocal oration, and a sublime production of crisp alchemical process. Awash with a spectacular array of wonderful compositional choices, At The Altar Of Mictlampa not only provides a deep experience of carnal pleasure, but illuminates its Aztec essence to perfection, spiriting its listeners away to spheres of existence long since spent. The Maquahuitl strikes, and another child of the sun is given up to that which hungers eternally for its children, the disk of solar domination.