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WAXGOAT110 Cult of Daath (USA) - The Grand Torturers of Hell - LP

  • WAXGOAT110 Cult of Daath (USA) - The Grand Torturers of Hell - LP
  • WAXGOAT110 Cult of Daath (USA) - The Grand Torturers of Hell - LP

Born from the spilled seed of the damned, the broken blood of the wicked, and the acrid tears of the forlorn—rises Cult of Daath, a veteran entity of hellfire scorn and razor war. Staking its infernal declaration of blasphemy upon the earth for more than two decades now, this coven of blackened war malice brings blood to ear, and slaughter to mind, rising emotions of sadistic ruin brought to the fore of collective perception. Here, amongst the perpetual battlefields of hades forest and pandemonium wasteland, their debut full-length incantation comes to acolytes through the iron scorn of GoatowaRex flagellation.

Scrape of rusty hook sounds against mouldering stone, Torturers of Hell is a monolithic bible for all those seeking the total fruition of medieval inquisition. Grim lambasts of true black war supremacy, necrotic melodies, raging blast beats, and an attitude of merciless—no nonsense—musical brutality. Perverse of priest, slaughter of spirit, and flayed of flesh; the death cult dwells beneath the tombs of filth soaked streets, awaiting the time for the sky to drown in the ink of damnation, as the horn of Gabriel sounds from the bastard heavens. A whole world made war, lancing boils of mortal marionette worthless husk, bodies sacrificed in the name of he who shall not be spoken.

With a total dedication to the ways of old, ancient excesses of dissonant harmony and brutal flesh drum torture, Cult of Daath are for all acolytes seeking a place in the chambers of eldritch malice. Born upon a throne of delectable pain, red eyes smouldering in the fetters of opaque shadow, this incantation takes no prisoners, nor wastes time with subtleties or nuance. There is only the cries of unfortunate victims here, the long corridors of stone—low din of candles hanging from damp walls—and the colossal vibrations of that sorcery which writhes in the dark heart of the underground.