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DEMOGOAT Mort aux Gueux (Can) - Metal De Damnés - Cassette

  • DEMOGOAT Mort aux Gueux (Can) - Metal De Damnés - Cassette

DEMOGOAT Mort aux Gueux (Can) - Metal De Damnés - Cassette

Shrouded in the deep fog of the Canadian heartland, comes a figure that needs no introduction, as Mort aux Gueux have been plying its sorrow sorcery for many years now; casting a haze of frostbitten melancholy over all that experience it. Metal De Damnés is one of the gloomy entities greatest incantations, which, now aligned with the iron woe of GoatowaRex morbidity, comes to acolytes through the physical medium of soul shattering tape.

Riding upon a glacier of ruin, Metal De Damné is an incantation for the damned. A bitter concoction of wondrous hatred, one formed in a fusion of mid paced rhythm, howling mad vocal oration, frost cold production and ascendant melodies of decadent despair—will leave those acolytes tear stained and heart wounded. Waraxe in hand to stand up for those woodlands of the soul; the memory of a land still encrusted with the hoarfrost of the past.

For those seeking a true litany of raw black sorcery, one directly tied with those spirits of yore, need stretching their claws over those lands no longer. Metal De Damné is a tour de force of heroic misery, each slash of string another scar upon the spirit, lamentations of desecration accursed to taste. Mort aud Gueux’s sorcery dances upon tongue of foetid black, spirals of painful remembrance with each step taken and twist of melody scorned.